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a healing song for survivors of trauma
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Lyrics by Valerie Bennis and Karen Jacobsen   •   Piano and Vocals by Karen Jacobsen   •   Directed by Valerie Bennis and Tony Bennis   •   See Full Credits

About the Song
THE SONG + music video

"I Believe You" is an anthemic power ballad dedicated to those who have survived the trauma of abuse, assault and harassment which left them feeling alone, ashamed, isolated, vulnerable and disempowered. It is written to be a healing song, with its comforting, soothing, and uplifting words and music.


Valerie Bennis and Karen Jacobsen co-wrote the song after the Kavanaugh hearings and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony; Karen is the featured vocalist and also composed the music. 'I BELIEVE YOU' became three very powerful words, which deeply resonated with the piece and its creators, and as such, became the title of the song. Valerie co-directed the music video with her brother Tony, who also shot and edited the video.


We are grateful to all who accepted our request to be a part of the video for their generous contribution. Thank you.

About Us

Track and Guitars: Matt Anthony  •  Backing Vocals: Jenny Bruce

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Meet the Creative Team behind the "I Believe You" song and music video!


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