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What People Are Saying

"A touching and powerful message of support to all that have been exposed to abuse. To be heard, recognized, validated and seen is the healing balm of the soul."

- Simona M.


"Such a powerful and moving song. It gives me hope we can all come together, in peace. Thank you to all who participated in creating this healing piece of art xx"

- Sylvie B.


"The message touched something inside of me. I can relate in my own way and experiences."

- David C.


"This video is powerful, and I cried as this is a cause I truly care about. It is beautifully done and what an impact it will have on so many survivors."

- Gail S.


"So grateful to experience this beautiful song and message and will share it with others. We are survivors."

- Suzanne B.


"I am so touched, so moved, so graced and the better for having taken this in.  It is profound, poignant, full of tears - sadness for the past, joy and hope for the future..." 

- Dan


"Wonderful message and wonderful video. I hope this message spreads universally to all those who were misjudged, ignored, or accused of lying."

- Grizelda T.

“It touched my heart and I cried. My tears were not of shame but thankfulness to “see” the words ‘I Believe You’ on the rock that was in many of the scenes. As you know, survivors carry so much shame, and no matter how long ago your abuse was, to hear AND see those 3 words feels like a burden is lifted. I know the lyrics of this song will touch millions.”


"I saw creativity, vulnerability, pain, collaboration, healing, love and connection. I saw a yearning to share and to teach and I heard compassion speaking loudly and poignantly. "I Believe You." Perhaps the three most powerfully awesome words strung together in the English language."


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